RigExpert IT-24 — Handheld, RF Spectrum Analyzer

3 RF Diagnostic Tools In 1 Handheld Device

RigExpert IT-24 is a universal RF tester for the 2.4x GHz ISM band. It is a remarkable device that boasts 3 RF diagnostic tools in a single, handheld device — a 2.4x GHz RF spectrum analyzer with 3 graphical diagnostic charts, a power meter for measuring the output transmit power of any wireless device (including Wi-Fi access points), and a meter for measuring the SWR transmission efficiency of RF cables and antennas. RigExpert IT-24 is the ideal test and measurement device for troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems related to RF interference. Don’t let the price fool you — the performance and features of this device set it apart from any other product in the wireless diagnostics industry. The price of RigExpert IT-24 is only $295 USD.

RigExpert IT-24-- RF Spectrum Analyzer

Performance, Features And Low-Cost Are Unmatched

RigExpert IT-24 is a unique diagnostic tool in the wireless industry — it supports 3 very useful test features. Its most compelling feature is a graphical 2.4x GHz RF spectrum analyzer with spectrum trace, density and waterfall views. In addition, the device can be used to measure the transmit power of any 2.4x GHz wireless transmitter (including Wi-Fi access points) and the SWR efficiency of RF cables and antennas. RigExpert IT-24 supports a frequency range of 2300-2600 MHz, which includes Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and ZigBee technologies. Furthermore, all of this functionality was designed and engineered in a rugged, stylish handheld device that costs less than $300 USD.

RigExpert IT-24 was developed by Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd and is distributed by Nuts About Nets — developers of wireless diagnostic tools. Nuts About Nets also supports RigExpert IT-24 by developing PC-based software to enhance the functionality of the device.

RigExpert IT-24 is a remarkable product that belongs in the toolbox of any professional or amateur sleuth whose work includes troubleshooting wireless networks. The combination of low-cost, handheld operation along with multiple RF diagnostic tools are unmatched in the market place. No doubt you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this device.


RigExpert IT-24 sells for under $300 USD and supports 3 RF diagnostic tools -- including a 2.4x GHz RF spectrum analyzer with graphical spectrum trace, density and waterfall views..


Light-weight and small in size, the RigExpert IT-24 handheld device is rugged, stylish and easy to use. It runs on 4 AAA batteries.

RF Diagnostics

RF spectrum analysis plus meters for measuring transmit power and SWR transmission efficiency of RF cables and antennas.


Comparable to RF spectrum analyzers that cost many times more. Excellent dynamic range, sensitivity, and resolution bandwidth.

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